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Community Revitalization 

Revitalizing opportunities for business start-ups, expansion, & recruitment

  • Economic development plays a critical role in driving growth for communities.  This is done through job creation, improving wages, and reviewing ways to improve our area's quality of life.  I am committed to identifying what additional economic drivers are needed to improve resident and business partnerships and protecting the local district economic downturns. 

Revitalizing housing and public infrastructure opportunities

  • For our district to fully progress, it is important to identify areas of blight, abandoned housing, and flaws within the public infrastructure. The district cannot fully improve if poor physical conditions remain unaddressed.  By revitalizing housing and public infrastructure opportunities, it should help increase our local tax base, and reuse an enhance already existing infrastructure in a more sustainable way.  

Innovating creative spaces for our neighbors to gather

  • It is one thing to come together for problems, but it is another thing to come together to celebrate one another.  I am committed to bringing together our neighbors by seeing our community have public meeting spaces such as additional community centers, wellness facilities, green-ways, trails and arts & culture spaces. 

  • The community should also reflect branding and identity where it is welcoming and inclusive for all to enjoy a good quality of life.  

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