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Continuum of Care

A Continuum of care for the youngest to the oldest member of our community 

  • Every neighbor within the 9th district deserves the opportunity for the great quality of life. Whether our youngest child needs quality childcare or a senior needs guidance to age in place, I am dedicated to serving their constituents needs.  ​

Prioritizing our community growth by making sure the neighbors's voices are heard and captured first 

  • If our community wants to improve its quality of life, it is important to find out first what the neighbors of the community value first.  It will help build a district wide network that comes together to share experience and knowledge to accelerate the community growth collectively.

Community care through collaboration

  • Although I would love to solve every issue myself, I know I cannot do it alone.  There are many gifts and resources within the district that can help solve many issues if we are focused on creating a better referral system through community collaboration.  This would be done by prioritizing cross-sector partnerships, and building community plans around shared measurements and evaluations. 


Community care by overcoming barriers 

  • Regardless of one's socio-economic status in society, every resident deserves the opportunity for social and economic mobility.  To mobilize, it is important to see our district work together as a team to coordinate and encourage the overcoming various social barriers.  

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