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Criminal Justice

Committed to building a sense of security by building a sense of community

  • Bringing together all members of the community to identify solutions that promote a stronger sense of security. This will help lead to a positive transformation of people, relationships, and neighborhoods.  

Being poor should not be a crime

  • Promoting the importance of eliminating crime by focusing on the stressors of poverty. 

  • Every person deserves equitable access to success, including achievable pathways for social and economic mobility. When communities have little to no opportunities to grow, individuals will create their own opportunities that is typically associated with crime. This even includes opportunities for returning citizens from incarceration. 

Closing the gap of misunderstanding between citizens and public safety officials 

  • Some members of the community do not trust they will get justice with the existing law enforcement and judicial system.  As a result, the wrong form of justice is being taking into their own hands, where some lives are tragically taken. 

  • I am committed to closing the gap of misunderstanding between the citizens of our community and the law enforcement officials.  Doing so by focusing on closing the gap, will allow law enforcement to now properly police and help target the most dangerous individuals off the streets.  

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